Yumon Rules


Chill Ride


What is Yumon?

Yumon creates the new era of fun and competitive gaming for mainstream players.

Yumon adds a competitive multiplayer and a cross-game avatar layers to the gameplays players loved the most.

Yumon’s vision is to bring competitive gaming to mainstream players by offering a secure environment, fun and rewarding gaming experiences.

How do I play?

Simply download one of the available games.

Entering a new game you will be asked to Register or Sign-in if you already have an account.

Players can also enjoy ad-free game sessions without Registering or Signing-in.

Can I play without paying?

You can play within Yumon without any deposits or in-app purchases!

You can play the Practice (non-authenticated users) and the Common league (authenticated users) for free and without any limits.

Do not forget to come to the App daily to collect your rewards!